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Let's make an UBW Fighter( Now Called Ultimate Bully Wrath)
« on: April 20, 2015, 03:38:31 AM »
So here is where ill be starting my idea for a Ultimate Bully Wrath
All models will be made in maya and fuse while the game is being developed for unity.
Please Feel free to add some suggestions and ideas into this project, everything is appreciated. ;)

Game Title: Unlimited Bully Wrath(UBW)
Game Systems: Wii U, PC
Target age: 13+
Summary: Bert Young enters a school with the biggest population of bullies to fight each and everyone one of them off in honor of his late brother. Bert will have to fight the core of bullying in the school to find the answer he needs to his brother’s disappearance and end bullying once and for all.
Modes: Story Mode(Story of Bert Young), Arcade Mode(Advancing through a ladder of 10 opponents with the last one being the final boss), Versus Mode(playing with your friend 1v1 or with a gang of 5v5 to see who is the better player), Time Attack(A Test of how fast one can beat arcade mode), Survival(an infinite ladder of opponents until the player is eventually defeated by one of them), Challenge(Challenges may include combo challenges or battle challenges), Training(Training consists of tutorials and free training to get better at the game), Network Battle(Playing online with other people in a ranked match, friendly match, or in a lobby with more than 1 player), Options(Adjust the game difficulty, sound, and button controls), and Credits.
Mechanics summary: This is a 2.5D fighting game that mixes mechanics of older fighting games with its own. This game takes a book out of traditional fighting games and gives it a little of its own uniqueness with the bully system mechanics. In battle, players can activate a special mechanic that will allow them to pull off amazing combos or a devastating blow at the cost of their meter. The game has a basic aerial combo system as well as a gravity combo system to prevent players being juggled forever

-Meter will be divided into 3 bars that are divided into 4ths. each 3/4 allowing EX attacks or combo cancelling. 1 bar will allow a lvl 1 super, guard break attack., or custom combo super(see Vism) 2 bars for lvl 2 or Burst and 3 for Bully Super(lvl 3) or Bully Mode
- Each lvl 1 super can be canceled into another lvl 1 super similar to Street Fighter EX
-As far as combos go, there will be no aerial recovery in this game, however there will be a gravity system that reacts to the combo hits and damage accumulated similar to the Naruto Clash of ninja games.
-Burst will also be used to break free of combos
-Bully Mode is a a timer super that allows you to use as much meter as you want until Bully mode wears out.
-1v1, 2v2, 5v5
-2.5D Fighter

planning on maybe 15 fighters and 10 stages as of now.
I will take more characters and stages as i go on. The rest may be on disc dlc.

Characters confirmed:
Brett - WIP:
Badger- WIP:
Saiyan Roach - model to be made
Sam - WIP:
Shira- WIP:
A Blonde Loli - WIP:
Jaha- WIP:
Naosuko- WIP:
Generic Waifu(name pending) - WIP
MacT - WIP:
Sam's Sister - WIP:
*new* Orenji-chan, Brett's fated waifu from japan. -

Stages Confirmed:
Cave WIP:
Super Arcade
Sci Fi stage
Grave Yard
Big Tree
Bretts house

Modes confirmed:


Re: Let's make an UBW Fighter
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Show us your WIP Models.  Kappa