Author Topic: Speedruns "Don't get your lady touched"  (Read 4911 times)

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Speedruns "Don't get your lady touched"
« on: May 12, 2013, 11:11:17 PM »
Kirby Superstar 88%~100%
Muramasa Shigurui Momohime
Melty Blood

Step 1. Buy smoke bombs
Step 2. Resist urge to go to hotsprings
Step 3. Beat the game

Best time on Shigurui (hardest) difficulty as Momohime: 1:24:24 by William 'Youkai' Welch on 2012-03-11, done in 25 segments.

record but has 25 segments so its pretty weird

1:50:54.05 for a single segment

more normal


should be running
windmill > flash > earth hornet > flash 2 > rest dont fucking matter
never use a long blade
smoke bombz
bronze mirrorz

Act 1: Fuck the blue guy
there are no items to get, use and the boss has this pattern that doesnt matter at all
Act 2: Fire wheel guy
When you reach the area with the peddler in the city buy at least 3 smoke bombs and 2 mirrors
Boss pattern is weird but not imposible, timing air combo all day and avoiding when he charges at you
should actually die fast, if he decides to do that stupid attack you can use windmill for inv frames
should be running windmill yea
Act 3: Murder Yuji
easy act
get flash asap for income boost
this boss pattern literally doesnt matter
Act 4:  Stanky legg
having healing items is nice but you should already have some just becuase nobody can rly dmg you
i think i bought dragon pellets and smokebombs
theres 2 smoke bombs to gather and a mirror as well
the boss isnt impossible or super hard but you have to be careful
act 5: chimera/boring ass boss
there is no justification for using any smoke bombs in this area
the boss has a very simple pattern but its boring to fight
act 6: oni/hell/gay ass level
once you enter the area with the water
take 1st entrance
skip 2nd
take 3rd
once you are in hell if you see a giant guy ever, smoke bomb every single time
on branch split enter instantly instead of going to the right on both paths
on the boss just hit him in the head and when the game says hide go hide for a bit and hit tiny oni's for no  reason
boss takes a while but he isnt hard

act 7 ???
act 8 ???

1-6 run 1:37:06 for a time
^ no deaths on bosses messing around + lag from wii
finishing under 2 hrs should be no problem

Kirby Superstar
WR: 1:29:48
Personal Best:  Kirby superstar 100% 1:31:57

Normal route:
ダイナブレイド  - About 11 mins
Nothing special here
You need to open up both shortcuts for it to count as 100%
Wheel = Top Tier
Cuttter = Good
Sword = Good

メタナイトの逆襲 - Takes me 20, should be 15.
This level is hard

Easy level,
Use bomb and sword
Stone for king dedede

激突! グルメレース
race 1 easy
race 2 easy
race 3 also easy, but use wing to save time

very hard
start - whale boss = use wing
fight whale not too bad
whale boss to computer boss use jet
spend a long time on jet
in castle
don't lose on zzzz area
you need wing throughout the entire area as well as stone so you need to use partner
make sure to enter the chameleon area so you can die and spawn here later
get fire
get suplex
get item, die with suplex
1f area with jet
do the rest with jet
last area just do stuff
final boss is that black guy


this level isnt that hard, but it takes some time
you want to get plasma and yoyo first because they are top tier
don't have to worry about RNG 1 shotting your power considering you can use powers at any time now
melty blood

another thread on this:


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Re: Speedruns "Don't get your lady touched"
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2014, 10:01:53 AM »

Game Start
New Game, Normal , No DLC
New Game, Normal , DLC

First Fight: Just alternate between attacks because he won't fight back.
Niblets: Use magic and they will die
Anubis : Parry for a knock out otherwise if you miss it kill him
Get 4 potions from the black market man, they're free.
Avoid all other monsters
Boss knocks down to magic. Fight should be about 28-33 seconds. Overclock twice
At Ark, get 4 chests, talk to Hope twice (skip cutscenes both times), escape boss at book shelf during GP Tutorial. Press Start, R1 then choose Escape (0 EP).
Talk to hope spend EP for 2 warrior potions

Day 1:
Quest 1-1: (Luxerion)
Talk to guard dude to get a quest
Look at posters on the floor
Talk to 2nd guard dude to the right of the posters
Talk to the outfitter and inn lady
Run to the train station area and talk to the dude to complete the quest
Talk to lady near gate that is closed.
Run out back to the main area climb the ladder on the left side and talk to the man there
get the treasure chest and also talk to the guy near the dead body
Talk to the inquisitor twice to finish the quest
Sleep at the inn until midnight
Climb the ladder and patiently wait for the dudes in white to leave
Skip cutscene get 3 medals on the ground
Run to train station and go to Yusunan

Quest 2-1: (Yusunan)
Run north and skip cutscenes
Check poster on wall talk to Chocobo lady for fireworks
Buy velvet bouncer at the outfitter
Talk to chocobo lady near outfitters for fireworks
Skip cutscene, avoid guards and run left
Talk to dude at the palace gate to know you need an ID
Talk to shady drummer guy who looks ridiclous and buy a ticket
Talk to chocobo lady in ally near drummer guy
Teleport back to Luxerion
Basically run to the south station going left instead of right (right = graveyard)
Get magicians mark/medals on the way
Take train to Dunes
Talk to the merchant:
Sell 4 potions and medals
Buy passion rogue
Activate red cactus here
Run north: Activate red cactus near god's wrath
Turn around for a treasure chest, continue running to get a pilgrim key runnning toward adamantoise location
Activate red cactus at adamantoise location
Go into the shrine
Use pilgrim key in shrine get 1st tablet
Fight the skeletons and escape to force the time to be 6AM

Day 2
In the ark get the red mage chest
Talk to hope cause hes annoying
Teleport to south luxerion take the train to wild lands
Run to farm talk to doctor

Talk to outfitter buy last thing that is a garb
buy woodland walker
sell that shitty purple shield

Devil's Daughter
Magician's Token
Triangle: Aero+ Lvl 2
Square: Default
Circle: Default
Cross: Default

Dark Muse
Velvet Bouncer
Fighter's Emblem
Triangle: Attack
Square: Light Guard
Circle: GaleStrike
Cross: Blizzard

Passion Rogue
Crimson Blade

Triangle: Deprotect
Square: Guard
Circle: Blizzard
Cross: Deshell

Hop out the farm from this side and run into the ruins where the chocobo eater is
Avoid everything and just fight the chocobo eater (follow the path)

Boss: Chocobo Eater
Passion rogue start:
Deshell + Deprotect
Instantly try to parry his attack
Switch to wood and spam aero until stagger
Use warrior potion
Switch to velvet bouncer and spam blitz, overclock as well and spam blitz 3 times

If you miss the parry the fight will take longer, nothing you can do but to just fight him with the same strategy but it takes longer

Run back to farms get imps crest thing

Talk to doctor feed chocobo
Talk to red head girl sarala for greens feed chocobo
Talk to sarala again for quest
Talk to hunter chief (dude on chocobo)

run into woods
run a long ass time till you see people, jump over a fence and get some fertilzer near a shovel\
head right-ish onto the trail still jump over anotehr fence get another fertilizer near shovel
talk to the weird ass dude with pink goggles twice (give him the fertilizer)
get some other fertlizer
head into village more get 3rd fertlizer
keep going until you get teleport point
then teleport to station
run back to farm talk to sarala to say her dads ded
talk to her again to give her shit again
plant 3 some seeds son

talk to bum near tree
buylast thing there (libra tutorial)
feed chocobo
get milk from lady
sleep till 22
feed chocobo ride him to the general store in farm
Buy enthunder/enfire potion
Sleep until 6 am

Day 3
Warp back to where you were standing
Get your greens, plant a green
Sleep till 1 am
Run out where the tree bum is and run in that direction out on the path
Run to the other village in the wildlands, but keep going further out till you see metal and climb a ladder
Walk out and grab a chest and then teleport to North Luxerion (1:45 am)

Run to the first number and see what it is: Right left left (don't have to examine it)
go 2nd number
Run to the graveyard
Use number at the phone
Getting 0 numbers leaves the number of possible combinations at 27.
Getting 1 number reduces the number of possible combinations to 9.
Getting 2 numbers reduces the number of possible combinations to 3.
Getting 3 numbers reduces the number of possible combinations to 1.
The third number is always 0 whereas the other three numbers are always random. However, they follow a pattern of 1-3 for #1, 4-6 for #2 and 7-9 for #4 that's how the above calculations work.

Run into the graveyard and just avoid everything
Get the thing on the ground on the platform the dudes were chanting on
Run out of the graveyard (there is a short way)
Run to the where the soul seed dude is and become a member
Run back to the main area of north luxerion
Run to the left side through the gate
Run left into the ghetto Since it's 3:15 am the ghetto is open, get the 1st treasure chest there
you can jump on buildings to skip a lot of the running
just follow the path and show the guy the item you picked up,
follow noel
jump down to the left a bit to get a sword

Customize CHANGES
(Sword you picked up just now)
Triangle: Aero+ Lvl 2
Square: Magnet
Circle: Blizzard
Cross: Default


Passion Rogue
Circle: Thunder lvl 2

Keep running along the path until you see noel smoking a bong
Skip cutscene

Boss Noel: 48:46

Switch to Passion rogue
Deshell Deprotecting him then
Guard his attack

Switch to Woodland
Blizzard him 3 times
Switch to passion rogue to block
Switch to woodland to use enthunder potion
Switch to Velvet bouncer
Gale strike
Warrior potion
Blitz into overclock blitz until hes dead
Pick up noels weapon or whatever

to woods village
feed chocobo hella greens
now he can fly like micheal jordan

go to outfitter in village buy 2.6k shield twice
jump with the chocobo across some large gap
you'll be in this weird ass area that looks completely diferent , walk to the right jump over the gap
keep running
use chrono statis at 4:12
spin left and loop around like its a freeway exit, keep going
walk hella long  with chocobo take a right at some fork, there will be a dude, jump to the left and get a treasure chest
keep running out you'll be in the woodland area
jump over a gap  twice
get a teleport point unlocked
walk forever get another jump another gap be some chest near a ladder but use the ladder ignore the chest
talk to sazh

Talk to the blue chocobo
get some treasure chest
hit some enemy to force it to be 6 am

Day 4
In ark teleport to dunes station
use red chocobo to go to god's wrath
run left into the mist, keep going until you see the monster thats in the sand swirming around

block his attack, dehsell deprotect
blitz like a champ as usual
theres some pilgrim mark far out here, jump off the cliff where it was at
run into some shrine get the tablet
teleport to yuusnaan